February 20, 2018



There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness. What works for one person may not work for the next. The foundation’s package helps you to gain a better understanding of how your body reacts and responds to stimuli allowing you to build a lifestyle that is optimised and personalised to your genetic profile and circumstances. Removing the need for endless guesswork and trial and error.

What you get.

1/ DNA Test. We will determine your unique genetic make-up and how that impacts on specific aspects of your health, nutrition, and fitness. Including:
– Power / Endurance Exercise Response
– Injury Predisposition and Recovery Speed
– Carbohydrate and Sat Fat Response
– Detoxification Ability and Anti-Oxidant Needs.
– Vitamin D & B and Omega 3 Needs
– Salt, Caffeine & Alcohol Response
– Lactose Intolerance and Coeliac Predisposition

2/ Lifestyle Assessment. We build a clear picture of your current lifestyle focusing primarily Movement, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Social Connection and Mindset.

3/ Nutritional Analysis. Establishing a clear picture of your current diet. Includes a detailed analysis of the foods you currently eat focusing on macro and micro-nutrients to help identify potential gaps in nutrient intake.

4/ Report. All of your results will be analysed and summarised an easy-to-follow PDF report including practical advice and guidance.

5/ Consultation. A 60-minute consultation to go through your results, make sure you fully understand what they mean and how to implement the lifestyle changes required to optimise your health.

(You will also get a 3-month Meal Plan and Shopping list to help remove the stress and hassle of meal planning)



What you get.

1/ Online Pre-Assessment. Covering Movement, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Mindset.
2/ Face to Face Consultation*. Which includes an assessment of your current:

• Weight
• Body Fat
• Visceral Fat
• Muscle Mass
• Bone Density
• Daily Calorie Requirement
• Body Water
• Metabolic Age
• Blood Pressure
• Resting Heart Rate
• Measurements – Neck, Chest, Bicep, Hip, Waist, Thigh, Calf
• Hip to waist ratio – Diabetes Risk

Also during the consultation, we discuss the key areas covered in the pre-assessment in further detail and I make recommendations for ways to optimise your health based on your specific circumstances. We will also discuss your short and long-term goals.

3/ Report. The information gathered from the pre-assessment and face-to-face consultation will be analysed and presented in a pdf report. It will include the results of your assessments and a summary of your goals.

(For those living in the Staffordshire/West Mids area. Further charges for travel apply).



What you get.

1/ Online Pre-Assessment. To help design you a programme best suited to you and your specific needs we will need to establish the following:
– Training History / Knowledge Level.
– Goals
– Equipment you have access to.
– How many days per week you want to train
– How long you want sessions to last.
– Injuries / Mobility Restrictions.

2/ Fitness Assessment (Optional). In order to design a programme that meets you where you are currently. You will be provided you with a fitness assessment you can carry out independently in a gym or at home. You then submit the results of your assessment for analysis.

3/ Programme Design. Using your online pre-assessment and fitness assessment your personalised fitness programme is designed. The programme will then be shared with you via an online training platform called GymCloud in which you will be able to view video demonstrations for each exercise and log key information for each session i.e. times, weights, reps etc.



What you get.

Real-time support, advice, and guidance on all things health and lifestyle related. In my experience, most people know what action they need to take but getting themselves to do it is the challenging part.  Coaching helps keeps you accountable and on track. It allows us to work on the psychological aspects of behaviour change as well as helping you to understand and take action on the more practical elements such Meal timings, sleep hygiene etc.


– Online Video Coaching Calls. (1 per week)
– Secure Chat. Allowing you to quickly and easily get support or just pick my brains.
– 6 Pillars. I will teach how 6 key areas (Movement/Nutrition/Sleep/Stress/Social Connection/Mindset) impact health and give you practical advice in each area.



What you get.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery which will give you a deeper level of insight into your past and what has made you the person you are today, as well as helping you to gain clarity on a vision for the future free from limiting beliefs and disempowering patterns of behaviour. Areas covered:

  • Motivation and Information – Desire to change / How change occurs.
  • Programming and Conditioning – Current patterns /What is preventing change.
  • Perception and Awareness – Understand, recognise and dissociate from old patterns.
  • Organisation and Orientation – Vision/Cultivation of the new self.
  • Purpose and Mission – What will sustain and maintain the new self.


– Online Video Coaching Calls. (1 per week)
– Secure Chat. Allowing you to quickly and easily get support or just pick my brains.
– Personality Tests, Exercises and Practices that will deepen understanding and elevate consciousness.

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