November 21, 2018


My philosophy and general approach is based primarily on the ancestral model of health. Promoting a lifestyle as close as possible to how we were designed to live – how we evolved to live – how our genes expect us to live.

Our medical system is amazing in so many ways, but it often falls short when it comes to prevention. Confirmed by the ever-growing prevalence of preventable illness such as diabetes, heart disease and all manner of mental health conditions within our society.

This is, in my option, driven by 3 problematic separations:

  • Symptoms from Root Causes.
  • The Mind from the Body.
  • The Individual form the Environment.

The Health Movement approach aims to bridge the gaps between these separations. Taking a holistic and personalised view on health, integrating a broad range of methods which advance both the physical and mental condition. After all…you can’t have one without the other.

This is achieved through a system I call ‘The 6 Pillars of Health’ which focuses on the following foundational areas:

  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Social Connection
  • Mindset

Empowerment not Dependency

Unlike much of the health and fitness industry which tends to create dependency, my coaching methods are oriented towards empowerment and independence. Working towards an end-point where each client has such strong foundations of knowledge in each of the 6 Pillars that they are able to achieve autonomy, taking full responsibility for their own health. If I’m no longer needed I’ve done my job.

It may seem counter-intuitive to essentially force myself out of work, but I believe it best for everyone, including my business if people get real, sustainable results.

The journey to becoming what I call ‘health empowered’ differs greatly for each individual. I use the model below to establish a baseline at the beginning of our work together and then track progress throughout the coaching process. The aim being, to make your way towards the right-hand side of the diagram.

On the same page.

Please be aware, I only work with those who I feel are best suited to my approach which is always established up-front in order to prevent the wasting of anyone’s time.

My services best suit those who are committed and serious about and making real and lasting changes to their lifestyle. Those willing to be open-minded and embrace an opportunity to not only transform their health but also their entire lives.

For more information, you can contact me via:

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