4 reasons I’ve started a blog! 

1/ People are unhappy, unhealthy and confused.

You don’t have to look very far to see that there a lot of unhappy, unhealthy people around. In my opinion, the root cause of this is lack of education and awareness on how to take care of our bodies and our minds. Our education system fails us. We leave school knowing more about Glaciation and Pythagoras theorem than we do about things like Nutrition or Interpersonal skills. Left to work all of the important stuff out for ourselves, it’s no surprise that we often get it wrong.

How do we fill this knowledge/awareness/education gap? This is ‘of course’ a massive generalisation but we tend do one or a combination of the following:

  • Nothing. Embarking on a path of conscious or unconscious self-destruction with complete disregard for our physical and mental health.
  • Turn to a crippled health system which does a half decent job of keeping us alive, but very little to help us thrive.
  • Self-educate by seeking advice from those who seem to know what they’re talking about, reading books and magazines, watching TV shows, scouring the internet, social media, blogs etc – all of which offer us confusing, contradictory, often financially motivated messages.

The aim of this blog is to help readers who sit within any one of those categories to become more aware and informed. Providing simple, unbiased, no bullshit information whilst directing to websites, articles, podcasts, books etc that provide sources of good quality information.

2/ I want to add to the Real Pile – Show Vulnerability

Whether you like it or not, the internet and social media has changed the world. One thing it has given every one of us (who have access to the internet) is a voice, a platform, an opportunity to share ourselves and our lives. It is only natural that we are drawn to sharing the best bits. No one can be blamed for presenting the best possible version of themselves online. Frankly, the alternative just isn’t usually that interesting.

Unfortunately, this has the potential to give us a warped perception of the world and it can seem like everyone is perfect and has an amazing life. Having said that, there are a lot of people (even celebs) posting the real stuff, but it just gets drowned out by a tidal wave of filtered, selected, snapshots of others’ lives. This is unlikely to change, but I plan to add to the real pile.

I’ll start with this right now. My spelling and grammar is terrible, and I know it. Embarrassing myself by slaughtering the English language on the internet is a huge concern. I had to ask my little brother to proof read this before I posted it. He ripped it shreds – in the nicest possible way. If I hadn’t mentioned that, you may have thought I’m a half decent writer. I’m not! My brother is! In-fact this paragraph is the only one he hasn’t proof read because I added it afterwards. Apolagies if the speling and grama a bit iffy.

3/ I’m fulfilling my human needs. 

Thanks to Tony Robbins and his theory around the 6 Human needs I now fully understand what drives me in life (I plan to share more on my experience with the 6 human needs in a future post). This blog has the potential to help me fulfil my 2 main human needs in the following way:

Human Need      How will this blog help fulfil it?

Growth                    Personal growth through learning and developing.

Contribution         Helping others by sharing that learning and development.


4/ I want to lean into discomfort and follow the fear.

They say that true growth occurs outside of your comfort zone and there are many reasons why writing a blog makes me feel uncomfortable.

Opening myself up to be judged by others.

The concern that no one will give a shit.

Going against my (potentially dysfunctional)  beliefs about what I call ‘validation fishing’ on social media.

The fact that it is a drain on the scarce commodity we call time.

I could go on.

So…posting to this blog makes me uncomfortable, and not posting to it makes me feel comfortable. The only thing left to do is to ask myself the all-important question brought to my attention by the amazing Brene Brown here .

Do I choose courage over comfort?




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4 thoughts on “4 reasons I’ve started a blog! 

  • Awesome blog mate and I’m sure most people can pigeon hole themselves in one of the above groups. In my case, you’re preaching to the converted, but be under no illusion maintaining a pursuit of excellence, happiness and development is ‘graft’ – so chillout – award your self with a day off; you deserve it / so enjoy it! ?
    Keep them coming mate!

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